City Theatre Haarlem New Entrance Facade
Haarlem, Netherlands

The City Theatre (Stadsschouwburg) is a cultural landmark in the historical city of Haarlem. Designed by J.A.G. van der Steur and completed in 1918, it is one of the oldest theatres in The Netherlands. An award-winning restoration and extension to this monumental building was completed in 2008, by Erick van Egeraat. One of the main aspects of this five-year-long careful renovation project was lowering the entrance square and repositioning the main entrance to this new lowered public square. In this process, the original entrance space on the floor above was transformed into an additional foyer(Jos Brink foyer) within the building.

In 2020, the client again approached the designer to extend this additional foyer and reintroduce a new entrance at this level. For this purpose, the existing canopy of the buildings was adapted into a sleek, steel-finished roofing with frameless glass panels enclosing the extended foyer. Glass openings on either side of the extended facade allow entrance from the existing stairs on both sides. The previous entrance area that could be accessed from the lowered public square is transformed into a publicly accessible restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining areas. Through this subtle but delicate intervention, the extension of the Jos Brink foyer into a new entrance area was achieved while preserving the integrity of the historic monument.

Assigned by
City Theatre Haarlem
Design in 2020