City Theatre
Haarlem, Netherlands

The City Theatre (Stadsschouwburg) is a cultural landmark in the historical city of Haarlem. Designed by J.A.G. van der Steur and completed in 1918, it is one of the oldest theatres in The Netherlands. During five years of careful renovation and extension this monumental building has been fully rejuvenated and revitalized. Enriched with an enlarged fly tower, the theatre now meets current technical requirements to host any international touring ensemble. The most striking interventions are the new fly tower and the repositioning of the main entrance. Designed as a continuation of a lowered entrance square, the new entrance draws visitors towards the building and allows the reuse of the original entrance space as additional foyer within the building. The fly tower is clad with a composition of brick, ceramic ornaments and glass panels as a subtle connection to the historic facade.

Towards the top, the facade is predominantly made up of lighter materials, reducing the visual impact of the tower in its context. Erick van Egeraat developed the ceramic ornaments in a unique collaboration with Dutch ceramic artist Babs Haenen and manufacturer Royal Tichelaar Makkum. The use of ceramics makes a clear reference to the porcelain featured in the original facade by Leon Senf. The monumental interior spaces, such as the theatre hall and adjoining foyers, have been restored to their old splendor with contemporary comfort and individual character. Other spaces, whose authentic character had been lost through past refurbishments, have been modernized and integrated in the overall concept.

7,370 m2
Assigned by
Municipality of Haarlem
Completed in 2008
Design in 2001


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Lieven de Key Medal
Worldwide Brick Award
Nederlandse Keramiek Prijs
Nomination, in co-operation with artist Babs Haenen


Enameled porcelain Tiles
External facade elements
Silk screen printed glass panels
Facade cladding


erick van egeraat: municipal theatre of haarlem

erick van egeraat recently renovated and added a contemporary extension to one of the netherlands most important theatres in haarlem. the municipal theatre of haarlem was originally built during the second world war and had undergone a series of renovations to contemporize it. erick van egeraat aimed to restore the monument’s original character while bring the theatre up to date.

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