City Hall Grave
Grave, Netherlands

The new City Hall of Grave, The Netherlands, is part of a master plan developed by Erick van Egeraat in 1998, which distinguishes between two zones: the historic centre of Grave and the green space surrounding the old fortress. The new city hall is situated on the border between these two zones, on the exact location of the former fortification. The design refers to both the historic centre and the surrounding landscape. This urban transition influenced the design significantly and lets the building blend into its environment unobtrusively, while making it accessible to the public. The fluent form of the complex refers to the former city wall, the interior structure of the building integrates the town’s characteristic alleyways as a theme into its layout. The front of the building establishes itself as a city wall, with the offices of a housing corporation marking the highest and most prominent point. At the back the building encloses a public square and has a smaller-scale appearance. The building hosts three users: the municipality of Grave, the housing corporation Mooiland Maasland and the regional historic archive of the Province of North Brabant, BHIC. Seen from a distance, the building presents itself as a singular ensemble. Up close, specific identities of the users become apparent. The interior design follows the same concept of unity and diversity and creates a sequence of spaces in which the three users have their own identity, yet presenting themselves to the public as one coherent ensemble.

11,360 m2
Assigned by
Woonmaatschappij Maasland
Completed in 2008
Design in 2002


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Grave City Hall by Erick van Egeraat

Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat has completed the new City Hall at Grave in the Netherlands.

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