Chicago Hotel and Congress Center
Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Hotel Chicago project is located on Rotterdam’s Wilhelminapier in the Kop van Zuid development area. Known as the point of departure for large ocean liners in the past, the Wilhelminapier is being developed into a vibrant part of the city of Rotterdam. Past and present resonate from the surrounding buildings such as Hotel New York, the newly renovated 19th and early 20th century warehouses and the bold contemporary architecture that is rising along the North and South side of the pier. The project houses more than mere hotel functions and aims to attract a multilayered audience to the Wilhelminapier area. The hybrid and self-supporting program contains retail functions, a conference centre, a spa, restaurant and an exclusive nightclub. The four star hotel with a total of 150 rooms is an independent concept with its own atmosphere next to Hotel New York, rather than an extension of the renowned hotel. Towards Hotel New York a public garden, lowered into the ground to shield it from the wind, gives access to the restaurant and the nightclub. The roof forms a fifth facade to be seen from the adjoining high rise buildings and can be used as a terrace. Its careful position within this context and its curved shapes with glazed facades allows for optimal use of the views to the river. Lit at night, the stacked clusters transform Hotel Chicago into a luminous icon in this unique part of the city of Rotterdam.

10,200 m2
Assigned by
ING Real Estate and Westcord Hotel
Competition 1st prize in 2005