Centre of Woensel
Eindhoven, Netherlands

This masterplan tries to get an unity that is wanted and needed for the recent and future high-rise character of the centre of Woensel. Because of this desire the different lots that belong to the project present itself as one object: a compact, sculptural form with a presuppost, arbitrary grouping if the masse. To guarantee this wanted sculpturality and to entrenche the plan in its surroundings some designconditions are layd down, like an exact definied, rising ridge and a clear idea for the change of the outer walls in color, transparancy and tone. Although the masterplan allows empathicly individual expression at the elaboration of the different lots,  these rules must be dealt with by the architectonic effect of the sublots designd by Vera Yanovshtchinsky Architecs (the laboratory and the offices), De Architectengroep (offices) and Architecten aan de Maas (woon-zorgcentrum – ‘live and carecentre’). These designconditions are hereby the most important testkeys of Design Erick van Egeraat in the role of supervisor. As well as being supervisor of the effects of the differtent sublots, Design Erick van Egeraat designs the plan of the public space of the whole area. The main goal is to strenght the unity of this area, for this reason the inner spaces are seen as a continu field in which the desired differences in the establishment-levels are only slightly visible.

26,000 m2
Assigned by
Municipality of Eindhoven
Study in 2010