Black Max vase
Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Creating things and being productive has always fascinated me. Over the years, I learned how to work on a large scale. But, it is innate for me to immerse myself with the craftsmanship of small-scale products during the making of intricate large-scale urban plans and buildings. I like to keep it real, despite the fact that it is less of a risk just to keep on producing attractive concepts and mind-blowing images. Making things remains fascinating,. Being productive satisfies. Most of the times the products we work on arrive as part of the process of building – think of specially designed furniture or specific products, such as our large number of print-screen designs. Personally, I would not exclude the idea of being involved in making fashion items, designing wallpaper or curtains or just decorate. It is no secret that in the world of architecture this type of creative art is greatly undervalued” Erick van Egeraat

Assigned by
Cor Unum
Completed in 1999
Design in 1997