Barvikha Hills
Moscow, Russian Federation

This housing development is situated in a residential neighbourhood in the Barvikha area, approximately 10 km west of Moscow. This exclusive villa neighbourhood goes beyond the standard typologies; offering privacy, security and maximum comfort for its inhabitants. A community centre is located at the entrance and contains a restaurant, spa, swimming pool, mini-market and daycare facilities for children.

Situated in a park-like environment, the development consists of 104 luxury housing units with three different main typologies: villas, semi-detached houses and cliff houses. Taking advantage of the main characteristic of the site’s topography, the houses are positioned on a soft slope to the west, offering magnificent views of the surrounding pinewood. Vehicle circulation is organized in an underground road and parking system, ensuring maximum sized gardens and a high quality landscape. Small height differences are created between the houses, providing privacy and maximum views. The villas are orientated in such a way that they have the best sun exposure for the living area and are provided with maximum privacy towards the adjacent buildings.

The houses can be accessed via the underground system with wide roads and sidewalks. The separation between living space (above ground) and accesses (underground) enable a high-density development as well as a high quality environment. The design of the housing creates multiple spatial and site specific relationships, allowing the residents a diversity of choices for luxurious living.

Russian Federation
55,000 m2
Assigned by
Capital Group
Completed in 2010
Design in 2004


Green Construction, Technologies and Architecture Award
Winner, Gated Estate with High Environmental and Energy Efficiency