Bank Building Stadtsparkasse
Düsseldorf, Germany

The Stadtsparkasse is situated in a typical sixties building in the center of Dusseldorf. The Stadtparkasse aims to develop a more contemporary image of its public spaces and offices by renovation and extension.

The existing building is an important landmark on the city skyline. As a consequence the clock on the front façade of the building will also be renovated. The main focus point of the development is to create a public space as part of the shopping mall –  the ‘Konigsgalerie’. Due to the fact that the bank has a poor connection with the ‘Konigsgalerie’, -Dusseldorfs’ most exquisite shopping mall, the aim was to improve its accessibility to it. This resulted in the design of an egg shaped volume that hovers three metres above the ground in a closed state, which can then function as a conference room. On opening the egg descends and transforms into a public performance space directly accessible from the ground floor. Due to this flexibility of form and versatility in its use, it generates a dynamic image for the bank.

The new façade is created by a glass skin, in contrast to the outdated horizontal appearance of the existing one. The strong vertical character of the new façade is emphasized by wooden rafters flowing from façade to roof. The intention is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. By slightly tilting the existing tower, it remains recognizable but awakens new interest by its unusual position whilst maintaining the original structure of the low-rise building. This slight intervention does not only have a huge impact on an urban level but also simply provides more office space. The extra surface that is created at the side of the building also creates the possibility to connect the offices that were formerly separated.

30,760 m2
Assigned by
Study in 1997