Baltimore Tower
Rotterdam, Netherlands

The impressive mixed-use Baltimore Tower is located on the northwest side of the Wilhelminapier, a former harbor pier which is part of the metropolitan redevelopment of the Kop van Zuid area in Rotterdam. The Baltimore is located between the World Port Center and the Cruise Terminal and offers beautiful views out onto the River Maas.

The 52.000m² building with a two storey, fully automated underground parking garage, will house the following generous mixed use program: service apartments, apartments, offices, hotel, restaurants, bars, leisure activities and a wellness center. The building has 37 floors and a height of 174 meters, which makes the Baltimore Building the tallest building on the Wilhelminapier. With its stepped volume development and a slender, elegant façade design that articulates verticality, the tower is a contemporary interpretation of the lasting value of the Rockefeller Centre in New York City.

The careful placement of public functions within the building allows for the interaction of the building with its direct surroundings, the city and its inhabitants. The well-balanced mix of public and private functions will provide for a lively and animated building in which both residents, guests and visitors can feel at home. With its distinguished masculine appearance, the Baltimore will become a new iconic architectural symbol in skyline of Rotterdam.

52,000 m2
Assigned by
Design in 2011