Apartment tower
Tirana, Albania

In 2004 Erick van Egeraat was invited to join a closed competition for an iconic luxury residential tower in the very centre of Tirana. This project was to be the first stage in the realization of a master plan for the revitalization of the larger city centre, created by Architecture-Studio. Therefore Erick van Egeraat aimed for a design that both meets the requirements of this ambitious master plan, and connects intelligently and comfortably with the current physical appearance and meaning of its context. Tirana is a very strong example of an organically grown city, with all its richness and complexity. The design for this high-rise takes this as a starting point on which to dwell further. The design makes a strong connection to the current square, enhancing and intensifying this public space, inviting more activity. The plinth is therefore a multifunctional landscape building and destination in its own right, connecting the tower with the square. The floor plans are each different, maximizing the amount of different apartment types available, improving the floor area ratio and providing unique views over the city. The complexity and richness are further elaborated in the façade design, using red transparent façade elements and a strong identifying vertical line clad with gold fritted glass.

53,000 m2
Assigned by
Municipality of Tirana
Competition in 2004