Ugorski Polus Retail and Entertainment Center
Khanty-Mansiysk, Russian Federation

On the Northwestern border of Khanty-Mansiysk, nearby the Irtish river, Erick van Egeraat has designed an urban plan for Ugorski Polus, a 500,000-m2 mixed-use development comprising retail, residential, a hotel and leisure facilities, including an aqua park, bowling and mini-golf venues. The plan subtly integrates the programme on-site with the existing city structure and the natural surroundings.

The current main road of Khanty-Mansiysk, leading from the east side of the city over the hill through the city centre and continuing into the new area as a pedestrian street, ends in a newly built central square that is suitable for outdoor events, e.g. concerts, markets, outdoor exhibitions, etc. The buildings surrounding the square connote icebergs in a frozen lake. This connotation is supported by the used materials, including metal sheet, frosted and fritted glass and different types of natural stone. Imitation cracks run through the pavement, incorporating lighting and fountains mimicking floating ice panels on a water surface. This architectural articulation fades into a more modest articulation spreading out of the centre towards the edge of this urban plan. In those areas more intimate courtyards servicing individual functions can be found.

Being a considerable extension to the city’s functions, Ugorski Polus will serve as a second city centre with a regional attraction to short- and longer stay business as well as family entertainment visitors.

Russian Federation
510,000 m2
Design в 2007