Stadium FC Krasnodar
Krasnodar, Russian Federation

The new FC Krasnodar stadium designed by Erick van Egeraat is situated on the northern edge of the city of Krasnodar, Russia. FC Krasnodar, one of the city’s major clubs decided to build their own new stadium which will house 32.000 spectators. The proposed new building is an open air stadium. It incorporates two tiers, and along the west side three rows of VIP seating. Behind the VIP seating area, VIP functions, such as restaurants, bars and meeting rooms, are located in a cantilevering horizontal glass volume, along the west side of the facade.

The dressing rooms for the players and referees as well as the press area are located on the ground floor under the first tier. All other support functions and technical rooms are located under the east side of the first tier. The spectators can enter the building via the large stairs located around the entire building. This allows for an easy and quick flow of people before and after the games, and during different events. Along the outside of both tiers vending areas are located for the spectators. The pitch is situated on ground level to allow easy access of maintenance equipment, such as trucks, fire cars and ambulance. Spectators will be covered by a large translucent cantilevering roof which allows for natural daylight to enter the building. Around the stadium numerous parking facilities are located, helping the convenient access.

The building proposal offers a simple but capturing design with elegant appearance and generous interior spaces which can accommodate comfortably the supporters of FC Krasnodar.

Russian Federation
51,000 m2
LLC Investstroy
Design в 2010