Sberbank City
Moscow, Russian Federation

On the request of Sberbank, Erick van Egeraat performed an alternative design study for the area of Rublevo Archangelskoe, close to the 3rd ring road of Moscow. The 440 Ha area is positioned close to the historic Archangelskoe Estate, and is situated alongside the Moscow river embankment with its specific soil conditions. Although it is outside of the municipality of the city of Moscow, the area lies in a relatively central and well-connected location in the greater Moscow metropolitan area. The area’s large scale and its potential for development, in relation to the recent lessons of global economic instability, were studied in detail. This masterplan defined the design and engineering tools that provide for the immediate and the long-term requirements of the project. This has resulted in a design framework that is both integrated and comprehensive on all levels, as well as flexible and able to adapt to market fluctuations and changing preferences of taste, without losing its essence and elementary qualities. The design and its forward-looking identity allow for a high quality of living, working and recreating in the Moscow metropolitan area, meeting the highest international standards.

Russian Federation
5,500,000 m2
Sberbank Russia
Design в 2009