Rive Gauche
Paris, France

The brief for this design in Paris, France, indicated a strong need for a recognizable structure that continues the urban fabric and gives a fresh impulse to the district. As part of the new district which was built around the François Mitterrand Library, the project represents a corner building which completes a central crossroad in the district. It should therefore be recognizable as the point from which the architectural language of the main avenue originates. The design is a typical urban building block with a decidedly contemporary functional zoning and architectural articulation that allows for multiple interpretations. Its architecture translates the typical Parisian building codes into a contemporary language and answers the needs of the plot in its context from the totality of the design down to the smallest scale of detail. The mixed character of the program corresponds with contemporary needs in terms of identity, durability and sustainability. While the overall volumes are defined in subtle relation to the surrounding masses, the program itself is equally organized according to the qualifications of the adjacent public spaces. The dimensions of the residential building correspond to those located along Chevaleret Street. Between the two programs, a garden provides refuge from the busy surroundings of the plot and connects it with the green areas of the promenade. The garden also provides a gentle transition between the different scales and programs on the plot itself.

35,400 m2
Bouwfonds Marignan Immobilier
Competition в 2007