KPN Superfly concept store
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Superfly is the 1999 proposal for a new prototype store in the Netherlands, developed by the KPN consumer market. The design by EEA and Corsie & Naysmith materializes, contributes, and supports an innovative marketing idea. The Superfly store brings high technology home, into the everyday life environment. The store finds it balance between an extremely tactile environment combined with high tech products. This dichotomy is embodied by the two following terms: black and baroque. The monumental post office in Rotterdam was targeted to receive the flagship store.

This proposal envisions the space to be shared with other partners such as Bruna, Enorm, Swatch and the post office. As part of the Superfly, they integrate the black and baroque concept while keeping their own identity. The new development for the interior reveals the qualities of the building using light as one of the main important tools. The black shiny floor, fitted with technical support for installations, reinforces the continuity of the space. The colour and finish of the floor creates a deepness and softens the reality.

Customers experience the shop as a journey full of sensations and experiences. They reach the ‘do and try area’ from the orientation wall, here they can experience products. The supermarket area has ‘ready to take’ products available on displays coming out of the floor or hanging from a washing line. In Superfly, the products are innovative in the way they are presented and promoted. This mix is the Superfly environment’s strength.

2,400 m2
KPN Consumer Market
Design в 1999