Hillside residences
Nagykovácsi, Hungary

This housing complex is located in the village of Nagykovácsi, a small village in Hungary near the capital Budapest. This suburban area is a popular location offering the ability to combine a city lifestyle with the natural beauty of the peaceful, picturesque hillside setting. The aim was to create a harmony between the natural and the synthetic, the harsh and the luxurious, the modest and the bold, and the traditional and the contemporary. With almost half of their volume constructed within the hillside, the houses form an integral part of the landscape, whilst providing natural shelter and privacy as well as opening up to the views of the valley below. Internal courtyards are formed that allow natural light to penetrate and visually and physically connect the spaces. The internal living space has a generous layout to satisfy a demanding and varied lifestyle, with the functional and the rational meeting the lavish and luxurious. In this way the contradicting demands of the brief and site produce a design that achieves harmony between the individual house and landscape.

10,470 m2
Budapest Panorma Bau Kft.
Completed в 2002
Design в 2000