Sustainable Mixed Use Building
Amsterdam, Netherlands

As part of the Oosterdoks Island master plan by Erick van Egeraat, Erick van Egeraat designed Plot 6, a mixed-use building consisting of 32 000m2 offices, 8 000m2 housing and 7 000m2 retail. Considering the current economic reality and the shifting accents on the real estate markets, the client requested Erick van Egeraat to create a zero emission building, creating a much wider framework for environmental consciousness. This project is not only a zero emission complex, it is also architecturally innovative on all levels by fully integrating all design features. The positioning of the functions and their interrelationship regarding energy use are essential in the project. The building maximizes the site available and consists of two apartment blocks facing the southern Oosterdok, an office organized around an atrium which extends over the full height of the building and a large underground retail space. The outer facades are extremely responsive to the site specific conditions, the noise-polluted north facade is designed to make natural ventilation possible by means of acoustic voids. Vertical lamellas on the east façade reflect morning light in to the building and shield the façade from noise. Integrated in the roofs edge, directed in the prevailing wind direction, a crown of urban wind turbines reduces the energy consumption of the building. The project for Plot 6 and the Oosterdoks Island as a whole will become a beacon of environmental awareness for the image of the client, the city of Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

47,000 m2
Assigned by
Oosterdokseiland Ontwikkeling Amsterdam CV
Design in 2008