Design Erick van Egeraat wins 2nd prize in RAK-PARK Competition

The RAK-PARK phase 1 competition called for designs to develop the Danube embankment in Budapest, Hungary. The goal of the competition, organized by the Municipality of Budapest, is to revitalize the embankment in 3 phases until 2030. Phase 1 includes the development of the existing Pest embankment between Kossuth and Fovam Square, renewal of the existing public squares, new connections to the city centre, and new floating elements on the Danube connected to the embankment. Design Erick van Egeraat won 2nd prize in the phase 1 competition.

Erick van Egeraat’s design revives the waterfront, combining interventions that optimize the traffic flow and improve public space on the embankment with unique water architecture on the river. A customized pontoon system allows for ‘plug-and-play’ floating elements with a wide range of recreational and cultural functions that can be adapted over time. The design creates an attractive layer on the riverbank and open vistas across the Danube.

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