Columbuskwartier nearing completion

The sustainable residential and supermarket project Columbuskwartier in Almere, The Netherlands, is nearing its completion. Its volume and architectural articulation can now be clearly experienced.
This will be an anchor point for the new Columbuskwartier city district. At its edge, this building marks the transition of city to green landscape. The project is both sustainable on several levels, as it is attractive. The styling of the parking temporary terrain and vegetated roofs, in combination with the vegetated facades increase air quality, reduce the carbon footprint, and help create an attractive living environment. Installations have an excellent performance and balance the needs between that of the supermarket and the dwellings. Solar panels partly generate the complexes energy consumption. The large glass surfaces, the white stucco facades and the exceptional detailing of the wooden window frames make it a complex of exceptional quality. Generous in volume and accessible to all, it is becoming a contemporary beacon in the growing city of Almere.
The project is expected to open this summer.

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